Prestige Vehicle Detailing 

Our Services

Exterior Detail
Including a full two stage shampoo and power wash, wheels, arches & tyres cleaned, polish and canuba wax finishing. 


Exterior & Interior Detail
Including a full two stage shampoo and power wash, wheels, arches & tyres cleaned, polish and canuba wax finishing. Interior carpet shampoo and seats cleaned, mats and upholstery cleaned, interior trim, plastics and dashboard polished.


Grubby to Gleaming
For vehicles which are in need of a deeper cleanse, we apply the same process as the exterior detail, with extra time spent to remove all dirt and make it marvellous once more. 



Faded to Fabulous
Over time, paint work can fade and sometimes change colour completely from weather damage. It can also be blemished from external factors when parked outside. We can make your paint work look brilliant once more! With our machine polish service, we apply a 3 stage buff to restore paint and revive the shine.   



Detail & Machine Polish 
With our two stage machine buffing process, we can restore your paint work and remove swirls and light scratches that appear over time. We provide this service along side our full exterior and interior detail to make your car as beautiful as the day you bought it!  



Wheel Refurbishment
We can refurbish your scuffed or curbed alloys and have them looking brilliant again!  This service can also be added to any of the services above. 



Please note this is the price for a standard silver alloy wheel which is one colour. For more intricate, larger and alloys with more than one colour there is an additional charge. Please enquire for details.